Whitlock SLF Mix


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Box 1 (Mix 1) Scud & Shrimp Gray, Scud & Shrimp Olive, Scud & Shrimp Orange/Pink, Scud & Shrimp Tan, Sowbug Gray, Sowbug Tan, Red Fox Squirrel Abdomen, Red Fox Squirrel Thorax, Damsel Tan, Damsel Olive, Dragonfly Dark & Dragonfly Olive.

Box 2 (Mix 2) Brown Stone, Dark Stone, Hellgrammite, Sculpin Olive, Sculpin Golden Brown, Minnow Gills, Minnow Body, Stonefly Gills,
Crayfish Orange, Crayfish Sandy Grey, Crayfish Brown & Golden Stone

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