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mega bra

Suitable for all of us who appreciate volume, beauty and functionality. A cross-breed between
a fly fishing vest, a chest pack and a small day pack. Mega Bra has six zipper pockets in
front, two inside and one in the back. Additionally, it has five mesh pockets and one large
expandable rear pocket roomy enough for example for your shell jacket and lunch. Mega Bra
has two integrated zingers and five D-rings (one for attaching your landing net). It is easily
adjustable for every size and a short front YKK zipper and a buckle secure it when needed.
The inside material of the vest is a strong mesh enabling proper ventilation. This multi-purpose
combo is easy to put on and extra padding in the back makes it comfortable to wear during
long fishing days.
•Six zippered front pockets
•Two zippered pockets inside and one on the rear
•Five mesh pockets
•Mesh lining for comfort
•Large expandable rear pocket
•4x D-rings in front and D-ring for landing net on back
•Two integrated zingers
Mega Bra Olive one size

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