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Lure/Spinner beads in a range of colours & sizes

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These plastic beads are used as spacers/bearings above & below clevises, bodies on spinners and attractors. Available in a range of sizes and colours to customise your spinners.

Inside/bore diameters will accommodate a range of our wire thickness’s but if using heavier gauge wire like 1.2mm thick use the 5mm beads minimum. If thicker wire again then you’ll have to to increase bead size 6mm etc. ensure smooth rotation on wire forms.

Luminous Glow White is an off-white/white colour during daylight but will glow in the dark or deep down in lakes – please see pics.

5 mm Coloured beads are all Translucent except of course white and black – other Bead sizes 4 & 6 mm are solid/opaque colours (green, yellow, orange). Red being the worlds most popular bead for lure making we supply is Translucent in all sizes: 3 – 6 mm.

Packet Quantities Vary on Bead Size

3 mm & 4 mm beads 50 beads per pack

5 mm & 6 mm beads  25 beads per pack.

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