Partridge Skin


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Partridge Skin

Complete skins giving you the full range of hackles and sizes,

of course the complete tail & wings.

Used from spiders to sedge imitations such as ‘Partridge & series’, ‘March Browns’, ‘Cinnamon sedge’ etc..

If you have a preferance, in that you maybe want more neck hackles in Grey or Brown please choose your birds gender :-

Cock for Grey Feathers or Hen for Brown which is a more sepia colour.

(there is no set guarantee on this as birds are subject to availability)

Whilst we do our best to accomodate your request we can only sort through the pelts which we have at the time and therefore maybe we will be unable to give pacific choice.

However, most people don’t realise the gender of many birds as there is brown & grey hackles on both birds, its the amount on the neck that varies.

It is also sometimes hard for even our suppliers etc. to know exactly as plumage can vary from area to area and Mother Nature in general making sure no two things are alike.

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