Flying Condom Silicone Pre-Punched Lengths


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We also have stocks of 5 mm Tubing that is Pre-punched before the tails are cut.

Lengths vary between 8cm – 11cm with small hole punched about 1″ – 1¼” from one end (which will be the tails).

10 per packet.

Getting tails right is often the trickiest part of Flying C making, it is recommended to punch a small hole 1mm about 1″ – 1¼” from end with puncher.  Then using sharp scissors or steel rule and blade cut triangle towards the hole. This ensures that from tubing end (starting point) to hole angles are the same and with a good blade & care you’ll get 2 sides in 1 cut. The punched hole also helps the tails vibrate from that point and essentially stops any unwanted stress in silicone cut at a sharp point or angle ripping/splitting, the most common complaint without the all important 1st small punch through walls.

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