Flying C Rubber Tubing


1 metre of Flying C Silicone Rubber Tubing

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Top quality Silicone rubber in differing bore diameters 5mm & 6mm. Supplied in 1 metre Lengths.  Our tubing now has a thicker wall 0.85mm for extra strength and is platinum cured for flexibility and colour retention.

Use 5 mm bore for 10 gram leads upwards to 15 gram, bigger sizes or if you are using thicker bodied leads use the 6 mm bore. The tubing should be tight on the body but not showing excessive stretching or tearing during during construction of inserting the lead weight.

TIP FOR GETTING LEAD BODIES INTO TUBING:  Ideally to fit rubber smear a light touch of washing up liquid on lead body. Then using a cloth for grip slip the body into the rubber tubing progressively.  Using the thickened stuff around the nozzle is ideal or put a drop in a small holder, like milk carton lid, let it solidify for a few days so consistency is easier worked with.  Petroleum based lubricants will only deteriorate the tubing and when all over your fingers isn’t as simply rinsed off under a bit of water.

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