Boar Bristles


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Boar Bristles


These are genuine packets of 100 pig/boar bristles in natural brown/cream & a variety of dyed colours. As used on the Pot Belly Pig & Porkie series of salmon flies. Geniune bristles will have pale tips which take the dyes with many split ends and a natural flexibility & bounce but with good strength for tying and more importantly coping witht the rigours of fishing. Varying lengths from 1.5″ to 3″+ in the mixed pack.
Ideally you need 3-4 bristles in the tail of the fly with the flexing bristle combined with split ends creating a pulsing, quivering movement for imitating feelers in the current or by tipping the rod. Lately some tiers have incorporated them into other long tailed patterns to stop the tails wrapping around hooks when spey casting etc..

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