Whilst we have a wide range of stock available FOB in Co. Down it is unrealistic to assume the full range of products from our many various suppliers is available 24/7. Even suppliers and manufactures run out of stock or wait for a more opportune time to import/export goods from around the globe. Financially it is impossible for them let alone us to have stock of every item, in every size, in every colour paid for and stored awaiting a future buyer, you don’t find many tarpon off Newcastle, Co Down!

To reduce costs, offering our customers good, fair & competitive prices we will do our best to provide the products listed on this website but we cannot guarantee everythings availability. Therefore, we hope you the client understand that yes we can get you the products but there maybe a lead time for delivery if its not in stock with us or supplier. We will inform you of any such occurances during order processing, we will endevour to let you know if our suppliers have the goods, when their delivery will be and we will strive to keep you informed of your purchase progress from us to you.
We are more than happy to reply to enquiries on all our items, give advice on products we have used, flytying materials options and opinions, rod/reel suitability and so on. We will provide honest information on non-stock items and how soon we can get them for you so you can consider whether you wish to proceed using us as your supplier.

We like to be honest & look after our customers, we try an run this website the way we would deal with you face to face. We have done our best to outline facts and challenges that sometimes occur with web orders, stock levels and supply chains so you can rationally decide and purchase goods from us.

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